Our team with many years of experience are offering  

ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD is capable to successfully identifying, introducing and representing as an agent, some of the world's most reputed container carriers in the Bangladesh market.  
The responsibility of this function in the Group, rests with the liner agency divisions and its companies, which efficiently handle and manage a complex set of weekly services across ports and inland container locations in Bangladesh. 
ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD set up its bulk and tramp division in the year 2019, with the objective of providing full-fledged port agency services at all Bangladesh ports, to ship owners, charterers and managers.  
Today ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD are assisting some of the world's most reputed bulk owners and charterers and regularly handles their bulk carrier ships of all sizes at Bangladesh ports. ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD has extensive experience in handling ships carrying construction raw materials, iron ore, fertilizers, coal, agriculture, perishable products and other dry bulk commodities.  
With ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD as general agents, clients are assured of professional services of the highest standards, the advantages of an all Bangladesh network and local knowledge for fast turnaround of ships.  
ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD also provides correct and real time reporting to principals about all activities of the ship in the port. 
ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD has long proven expertise in operating break bulk liner services.  
ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD 's team comprising of experienced master mariners and senior staff handle challenging port operations competently. It is also experienced enough to handle vessel/cargo related operations easily. coordinating closely with port officials, the team meticulously pre plans every break bulk vessel call, to ensure a fast and efficient turnaround of vessels.  
On the strength of strong local relations and huge cargo volumes handled, ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD is in a position to negotiate cost effective deals for principals and propose the most reliable and efficient stevedoring companies for smooth and fast cargo work.  
The Break-Bulk division handles commodities like Timber Logs, Raw Cashew, Flour, Steel and Steel Products, Soya Bean Meal and all types of bagged and general cargo. 
Feeder services are a vital link in the multi-modal network of shipping, enabling to connect containers from the ports in the hinterland, with hub ports. ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD 's represents as agents, some of the reputed Feeder Operators to deliver to key transshipments around the world.  
The service is fully operational and manned by a professional team familiar with ocean carriers transshipment operations. This ensures that clients get an efficient and quick response to their needs. 
ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD 's approach to ship broking encompasses near complete commercial management, in contrast to a limited role played by the traditional broker. With a team of internationally qualified and experienced ship brokers it offers total ship-broking services. ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD as an extended arm of its principal's office, takes care of identification and fixing of suitable vessel, liaison with the agents, shippers and receivers. It also ensures error free documentation to fully protect the interests of every principal. At each stage, ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD keeps in close contact with its principals to take instructions and authorization.  
It is ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD 's constant endeavor to ensure a smooth and trouble free voyage/time charter performance. The same is true when it fixes cargoes for owners and operators. An expert ship broking team is always at service, to ensure that principal's vessels opening in and around Bangladesh get the best possible fixtures/employments. By virtue of its close relationship with shippers and consignees, ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD can offer cargoes to principals directly and guide them on terms and conditions.  
ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD has the capability to handle all types of project cargoes in Bangladeh. It has experienced and specialized team for project cargo handling and has access to the full range of material handling equipment such as cranes, lighters, heavy lift trucks for sea and overland operations.  
It regularly handles special project cargo ships of leading project cargo carriers at Bangladesh ports. ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD has also had the privilege of handling project shipments of almost all major industrial houses, both in the private and the government sector. 
ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD Shipping makes use of advanced technology systems and combines this with its superior customer care and in depth experience, to deliver a service experience that is unparalleled.  
By deploying sophisticated and innovative information technology tools, ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD allows for greater transparency and maximum visibility across the supply chain, to enable customers derive more functional efficiencies.  
ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD provides business support to its principals by way of active canvassing for securing cargo leads and bookings. ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD also provides marketing support by way of detailed research, timely promotions, identifying opportunities and also assists in enhancing customer service. It also plays an important role in providing expert inputs for cargo requiring special shipping.  
Importantly, ODIN SHIPPING TRADING & LOGISTIC LTD documentation team, port operations team and accounting department, all function seamlessly to provide up to date information on shipping and cargo movements, including in-depth market and competition analysis.  
This goes a long way in delivering total support at every stage to every principal. 
Value Added Contracted Services 
Our highly skilled technical staff arranges varied ship husbanding services, which includes fueling of the ship, providing equipment or materials like navigation charts, arranging crew member trips to the doctor, providing fresh water, working with tugs, pilots, paying necessary fees, making arrangements with contractors to do work on the ship and providing food provisions for the crew etc.  
We arrange for ship husbanding through ship chandlers.  
We choose most reliable suppliers based on their past track record & ability to offer quality services to our principals.  
• On account of our local relationship we ensure best negotiated deals for our principals, through the best stevedoring companies.  
• Our team is committed to ensure that each and every job is handled in a swift and efficient manner, with customer service as our highest priority.  
• We also have a panel of approved survey companies to render tally and supervision services in order to avoid claims and disputes. 
We take pride in saying yes whenever possible...our services combine a complete solution to your shipping needs. Whether you need to send a fleet of containers or Bulk Cargo ....whether you need to charter a plane or a vessel, we put all of our resources to use to make your job easier, our offices in Banglaesh, along with our other international associations are at your disposal....

These are just a short summary of our activities: 
1. Brokering and Chartering 
We have a wide network of vessel and cargo operators and owners within this region. This database enables us to match your particular need. All you have to do is send us the full details of your firm cargo and we will match your suitable solution through our network of professional charterers, brokers and vessel owners, inland special transportation with local permissions shall also be a part of our services. Brokerage for selling/buying barges, tugs, cargo and passenger ships 
2. International Freight Forwarding; Sea and Air, Cross Trade and Transshipments 
Our Operation & Co-ordination team is well qualified and experienced in handling all kinds of transportation modes required by client with specific needs. We even design special tailor made packages with economically feasible solutions. 
3. LCL Consolidation / Groupage Exports, Imports, Transshipments, Air/Sea, Sea/Air or combinations of service with Bangladesh being a connecting hub. 
4. Project Cargo / B/ Bulk, Bulk and RORO Cargo movements Vast & varied experience in handling Project Cargoes in addition to working on Break Bulk, Bulk, Ro-Ro and Container packages. 
5. Land Transport; intra Bangladesh Offering services for all types of industry with our own fleet in addition to our reliable sub-contractor's fleet and services. 
6. Specialist in movements to Destinations 
We have special qualified professional teams dealing with any Destinations as they are our main areas of operations and expertise. 
7. Customs Clearance and Documentation Being Online with the Port and Customs via ASYCUDA we are able to provide fast and timely clearance to our clients 
8. Warehousing and Distribution In association with our sub-contractors we can provide all types of warehousing requirements viz. Open, Covered, Temperature Controlled spaces along with state of art technology for tracking and tracing. 
9. Vessel/Ship Management & Operations 
Through our comprehensive management approach we can offer our clients reduced cost with maximized operational efficiency. Our clients benefit from the expertise of our staff, and our relationships with the Port authorities and other marine regulators, as well as vendors and suppliers. 
10. Trading: 
We offer our clients is our worldwide import and export services. We can import or export through any port worldwide, whether bulk, break bulk or containerized, full or part cargo, on any type of vessel. Ocean freight rates are contingent upon time charter, voyage charter, route, quantity, product type, packaging and market conditions. Our dedicated team of experienced brokers and operations managers utilize established relationships and the latest technology to provide the highest level of service in the industry. 
                                                                                           We wish to be a partner of you 
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